Kids should love learning.

When kids are “in the zone” of a video game, backyard adventure, pillow fort or make-believe world, there’s almost no limit to the time, effort and focus they’ll invest. Why pull them away in the interest of education, when there’s so much to be learned where they are? Kinjo inspires kids to love learning by connecting it with the activities they already adore.

Founding Partners

A little background

Prior to founding Kinjo, the team founded and scaled category-creating venture-backed  ed tech companies whose award-winning products use the power of software and AI to deliver improved student outcomes. The Kinjo team is now on a mission to bring a research-based, intuitive and inspiring growth platform directly to children and their families.

Meet our Kinjo

The Kinjo team includes a small but mighty group of software engineers, user experience designers, learning experts, educators and parents who believe that we can infuse education into the activities kids already choose, inspiring a lifelong love of learning. We’ve got decades of experience incorporating the best of learning science and app design into iconic products and communities in the fields of education and technology, and are united by our core values of curiosity and empathy. Interested in becoming part of our Kinjo? Tell us why at


Charles Thornburgh

Career ed tech entrepreneur & dad of Charlie & William

Grant Oladipo

Using technology to make the world more fun and fulfilling.

Laura Malcolm

Career educator & educational product designer

Jason Dorsey

Generational behavioral research specialist, girl dad


Tolu Babalola

Product @ Facebook

Brad Birdsall

Design at Facebook

Samir Bolar

Former Chief Impact Officer, Teach for America

Lauren Davis

Marketer, mentor & mama of strong young women

Graham Frey

Head of School & Education Advisor

Jennifer Herrington

Educator, working parent and lifelong learner

Clark McKown

President and Founder, xSEL Labs and Associate Professor, Rush University Medical Center

Mark Milliron

SVP Western Governors University & Executive Dean of the Teachers College

Tarun Sachdeva

Current: EIR @ Golden Ventures, Past: Endeavor, Wattpad, Blackberry, Amazon

Brad Birdsall

Executive Director, Training Grounds