Dungeon Quest:
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Dungeon Quest

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Action / Beat 'em up

Dungeon Quest is the perfect game for kids who love old-school combat with swords and magic!

The game is a dungeon crawl, meaning players move from dungeon to dungeon. They will become experts with their abilities and collect great weapons and gear along the way.
Since most dungeons are meant to be played in a group, it is a great opportunity for kids to practice cooperation and communication skills by forming groups and tackling the dungeons with friends and strangers alike.

WeaponsFantasy monsters / vampires / zombies / ghosts

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Practice these life skills
in Dungeon Quest

Executive functioning is a set of cognitive skills that enable individuals to plan, organize, initiate, and complete tasks effectively and efficiently.

Upgrading weapons and armor involves careful prioritization: players must strategically decide whether to enhance their gear now or save funds for potentially superior items in future challenges.


Every dungeon comes with a time limit, challenging players to manage their time effectively. If they fail to complete the dungeon within this period, they lose all progress and must start again.

Time Management

Social cognition involves the cognitive and emotional processes that enable individuals to perceive, interpret, and respond to social cues and situations, as well as to understand others' thoughts and feelings

Designed for group play, this game boosts cooperation as players form alliances to defeat tough enemies and trade items for mutual benefit, each contributing their unique strengths to the team.


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Memory is a cognitive skill that refers to the ability to store, retain, and retrieve information and experiences from the past.

Dungeons require multiple runs at various levels, where players enhance their pattern recognition by spotting recurring enemy tactics, crucial for boss fights with unique, powerful attacks.

Pattern Recognition

Psychomotor speed refers to the ability to process information and respond to it quickly and accurately using physical movements.

Players will acquire multiple abilities, both magic and melee throughout the game. They sharpen their dexterity by quickly switching between these abilities during combat.


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