What if all that gaming time was actually good for our kids?

Kinjo is changing the way we approach education and screen time, harnessing the power of kid-favorite platforms to help them learn and grow.

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It’s time they loved learning again.

Kids are born as sponges, growing in leaps and bounds as they explore the world around them through play. Then they hit school, where “play” becomes something they get to do when they’re finished with their learning.

At Kinjo, we believe that education is everywhere, and is much more impactful when our kids are engaged. Our app will make it easy to capture your family’s learning goals and help you achieve them through the activities your kids already adore–whether online or in your backyard–inspiring a lifelong love of learning.

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Capture your family's learning goals and identify learning preferences.


Aggregate your kids' learning data and visualize their progress.


Receive recommended learning experiences your kids will love.

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