Learning is everywhere.
Kinjo helps you find it.

Does your child love Roblox? Send them on Skill-Building Missions in the Kinjo app.

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How Kinjo Works

Connect to Roblox

Kinjo connects to your child’s Roblox account

Your child earns rewards for playing skill-building games

Kinjo Parent Reports

Configure their Game Library and get Insights with Kinjo Plus

What Kinjo parents say:

“The best part of Kinjo was that it turned my daughter’s Roblox time from a constant battle to a cool opportunity for us to connect and learn together.”

Erin F. New Hope, PA

“My son will never focus on anything the way he focuses on his tablet. Before Kinjo, it didn’t occur to me to use my parenting energy to better direct that focus instead of fighting it.”

Doug A. Austin, TX

Today's kids deserve learning that is as enjoyable, engrossing, and engaging as play

We created Kinjo to tap into the natural enthusiasm and curiosity play brings – to meet kids where they are engaged most – in social video games, online scavenger hunts, and adventures with friends.

Kinjo changes the way we approach education and screen time, to harness the power of kid-favorite platforms to help them learn and grow.

Yours in gaming and learning,

Photo of Co-Founder Charles and his kids

Co-Founder and CEO

Charles Thornburgh

Father of Charlie and William. 6x EdTech company founder. Builds inspired teams focused on the most important problems in learning

Co-Founder and Head of Product

Laura Malcolm

M.A. Ed in Learning, Design, and Technology from Stanford University. Spent 20+ years building EdTech products that engage learners and improve educational outcomes.

Photo of Co-Founder Laura

Coming July 2024!

With Kinjo,

the only Roblox choices are good ones.

Kinjo curates high-quality Roblox games for your child.

Coming soon to Kinjo Plus: Customize which games your child sees and earns rewards for

Get started with Kinjo today

Kinjo Basic

Not ready for Kinjo Plus? Start with Kinjo Basic for free.

Limited rewards and missions

Basic gameplay and skill-building features

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Kinjo Plus

A parent’s secret weapon for keeping Roblox time educational and safe.

Learning Missions: Guide your child to activities in games that build super-skills

Weekly Insights: What your child plays, how long they play, and who they play with

Faster rewards: Keep your child motivated and engaged in the Kinjo app

Coming Soon!

Game Library Configuration: Choose which Kinjo-rated Roblox games you want your child to see in the Kinjo app

Frequently asked questions

Kinjo is an iOS app for kids ages 6-12 that promotes better-for-them experiences and skill building in their favorite online platforms, starting with Roblox.

Connect the Kinjo app to your child’s Roblox account to encourage and reward your child for choosing games from our expert-reviewed Game Library.

No, Kinjo does not block Roblox.

In the Kinjo app, your child will see curated collections of Roblox games and skill-building Missions. Once a child taps on a game in the Kinjo app, it opens in Roblox. 

Kinjo is able to report on time spent in each game to reward your child for choosing games from our library.

Want to see what they play and who they play with? Parents get a detailed weekly report with a Kinjo Plus subscription.

Yes! Kinjo offers kid-favorite virtual currencies: Robux, V-Bucks, and Minecoin in exchange for Kinjo coins. 

Kinjo coins are earned by spending more time in cognitively challenging and skill-rich Roblox games and Missions.

Help your child get faster rewards and unlimited Missions with a Kinjo Plus subscription.

With Kinjo Plus, see the time your child spends in Roblox, their Roblox friends, skills developed, and games played in a weekly email digest.

Directors and advisors

Photo of Advisor

Tami Bhaumik

Vice President, Civility & Partnerships at Roblox

Photo of Advisor

Chris Bennett

Stanford lecturer & award-winning game designer

Photo of Advisor

Mark Milliron

President & CEO, National University

Photo of Advisor

Clark McKown

President and Founder, xSEL Labs; Associate Professor, Rush University Medical Center

Photo of Advisor

Brad Birdsall

Design at Facebook

Photo of Advisor

Mitch Solomon

VP of Growth at Bumble, formerly Electronic Arts, Glu mobile