Help them find learning where they already find joy.

Unleash the learning power of the world’s most engaging digital experiences with Kinjo.

Kinjo finds and amplifies the cognitive benefit in the games and media your kids already love, bringing learning to their screen time, joy to their faces, and harmony to your family.

Learning should be joyful, engaging, and meaningful -

and Kinjo finds Roblox games that meet that criteria.

Kinjo evaluates Roblox games on skills & complexity

Kids earn rewards when they choose Kinjo-rated games

Parents see growth with Kinjo Family Insights

Kinjo kids shift their gameplay to games with up to 6x more cognitive challenge

Compared to kids who play Roblox without Kinjo

What Kinjo parents say:

“My son will never focus on anything the way he focuses on his tablet. Before Kinjo, it didn’t occur to me to use my parenting energy to better direct that focus instead of fighting it.”

Doug A.

“Since we started using Kinjo, my kids are now explaining to ME what their favorite activities are teaching them. I love that learning is now a positive in our house”

Kelly G.
Brush Prairie, WA

“The best part of Kinjo was that it turned my daughter’s Roblox time from a constant battle to a cool opportunity for us to connect and learn together.”

Erin F.
New Hope, PA

Frequently Asked Questions

Kinjo is an entirely new kind of learning app that combines parents’ goals and kids’ interests to level up the learning in screen time. Kinjo motivates them to play educator-evaluated games and rewards them for choosing higher challenges and more learning. For Parents, Kinjo offers a weekly digest that provides insight into the level of challenge in kids’ gameplay, the time they spend, the friends they play with most, and the skills they are building

The Kinjo team includes learning experts, educators, software engineers, user experience designers, and parents who believe that we can infuse education into the activities kids already choose, inspiring a lifelong love of learning. We’ve got decades of experience incorporating the best of learning science and app design into iconic products and communities in the fields of education and technology, and are united by our core values of curiosity and empathy.

Kinjo evaluates games for their level of challenge and skill building and then scores them on a 200+ point scale. The higher the rating the more challenge and potential learning. Kinjo motivates kids to play games with higher challenge and more learning through a rewards system – Kinjo Coins. The higher the challenge level and the more skill building, the more coins kids earn. Kinjo Coins can then be redeemed for real-world rewards such as Robux.

Kids play Roblox games recommended by Kinjo for their level of challenge and learning. Based on that level they earn Kinjo Coins, which they can redeem for real world rewards such as Robux. The higher the level of challenge and learning they choose, the higher the rewards. Kids can earn up to 6,000 Kinjo Coins a month, which is about $6 in Robux value.

In the weekly digest, you will see the measure of cognitive challenge in your child’s gameplay and how that compares to other kids who play Roblox. In addition, you’ll learn about the skills they are building and the games that are helping them practice those skills. Time on Roblox and Friends are also features of the Kinjo Parent Weekly DIgest.

What is high quality Roblox gameplay?

Learning should be joyful, engaging, and meaningful. High quality Roblox games embody those qualities.


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A note from the founders

Across our 25-year careers building learning products, we’ve seen that education’s biggest problem is how to effectively engage young learners.


We built Kinjo to bridge the gap between engagement and skill building. To help kids find and pursue valuable skills on platforms they already love.


Imagine if our kids were squeezing every drop of learning out of the devices they spend hours on.


That’s the future we are building at Kinjo.