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4 Roblox Horror Games that are Scary Good for Your Child’s Learning

Is your child a fan of Halloween, haunted houses, or roller coasters? Then they likely love a good horror game!Blog images


Creepy monsters, dark rooms, and jump scares are the hallmarks of a good horror game. And there are some truly great ones on Roblox. But are they actually appropriate for kids? And what could they possibly be learning while running away from sharp-teethed, spooky monsters?


The answers to those questions depend on the game, of course. But many of Roblox’s most popular horror games can be perfect for practicing important life skills. Let’s turn down the lights and fire up those tablets as we explore some of the best horror games for kids.

Why Kids Love Horror Games

Kids, especially those elementary-aged and up, love a scary story. The anticipation of those big jump scares draws them in. And the payoff is lots of shrieks and giggles. 


Drama and fun are built into scary experiences. And if your child loves the spooky thrills of October, they can enjoy them year-round in horror games.


But as a parent, this can bring up a lot of questions. Is it ok to let my child play these games? How scary is too scary? What’s actually age-appropriate and where do I need to draw the line? In recent years, computer games like Poppy’s Playtime have blown up parenting forums. Huggy Wuggy looked like a cute, cuddly stuffed animal — until he showed off a mouth of big, sharp, bloody teeth.


How is that ok for my kid to see???


We get the concerns — we’re parents too. But oftentimes, these spooky characters are not as disturbing as the parent groups let on. And while you may not want your 4-year-old being exposed to a murderous stuffed toy, by the time your kiddo is in elementary school, they can likely handle a little horror. 


Of course, every kid and family is different. So before your child plays any of the games below, we recommend checking them out for yourself. You may find that you enjoy the scares and challenges more than expected.  😉

The 4 Best Roblox Horror Games for Kids 

Looking for a kid-friendly horror game? These are Kinjo’s favorites. And bonus — they all have learning built right into them. Let’s go!

1. Doors

Creepy, never ending hallways and mysterious entities make up the bulk of the Roblox game Doors. You can choose to play it alone or with a small group to help you navigate the game’s challenges. 


Image from the Roblox game doors.

Roblox game Doors


The end goal — survive the monsters and make it to the elevator inside door 100. It sounds simple enough. But the game comes with no tutorial — you have to figure out how to survive as you go. And every death takes you back to the start


Doors is a horror game with its own puzzles built right in. And though it has its share of jumpscares (thanks Timothy), it’s a spooky and fun learning opportunity for kids of all ages.


Want to learn more about the game? Check out our full Doors parent and gamer guide here!


2. Rainbow Friends

Rainbow Friends is another great Roblox horror game for young thrill seekers. And with the recent release of Chapter 2, there are plenty of fun challenges to be had.


A screenshot of a friendly looking Blue on the party stage from Rainbow Friends Chapter 1. You can find him looking more monstrous (and moving much faster) in Rainbow Friends Chapter 2.

Roblox game Rainbow Friends


Rainbow Friends is full of colorful monsters with kid-friendly jump scares. It’s a cooperative game that’s fun to play together as a family. Or they can join up with their online friends and work on the collecting challenges together.


There are two levels to play in Rainbow Friends — Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. And each one has their own map to learn and tasks to complete. It’s a great game to play over and over, which helps with its learning potential. 


You can discover all the details of the game before you jump into play here.


3. Color or Die

Though the title of the game sounds a bit ominous, Color or Die is a kid-friendly puzzle game with loads of learning! 


Image from Roblox game Color or Die.

Roblox game Color or Die


Created in March of 2023, it’s already racked up 191 million+ visits as of late July 2023. The premise seems pretty simple — run around and collect enough paintbrushes to beat the game. But navigating the map is no easy feat, especially with a scary stick figure monster always stomping around. This is a horror game after all. 


As you navigate Color or Die’s maze of a map, you also must collect different buckets of paint. This paint colors your body, helping you hide from the monster. And it also allows you to open doors to collect more paintbrushes. 


It’s a spooky, challenging game best for ages 9 and up — but more due to its complexity than jump scares. But kids (and adults) of all ages will catch themselves holding their breath as they attempt to beat this well-made game.


4. Banana Eats 

Have you ever been scared by a banana? It sounds ridiculous, but Banana Eats has managed to take this delicious fruit and scare it up.


Image from Roblox game Banana Eats

Roblox game Banana Eats


In this game, you can play as the spooky banana or as a player trying to survive (bananas are chosen at random). As the banana, your goal is to chase down and eat players before time runs out and the door to escape opens.


As a player, you work with others to solve puzzles to take time off the clock. Each time your group successfully solves a puzzle, 30 seconds is removed from the clock. But everytime the banana eats someone, 15 seconds is added. And the door to escape only opens when there’s 1 minute left. 


This game is full of scary fun for players 9 and up. And while the puzzles are fairly simple, the teamwork and cooperation needed to escape keeps the learning going. You’ll never look at bananas the same way again.   

Keep Your Child’s Gaming Time Full of Scary, Age-Appropriate Fun with Kinjo

Thinking about your child playing horror games might scare you. But with the kid-friendly games above, your child can get their thrills while learning important life skills


Want to discover more kid appropriate Roblox games that bring the learning to their fun? Encourage your kid to start their gaming time with Kinjo! With Kinjo’s app, kids are presented with a curated selection of Kinjo-approved games (instead of the millions of not-so-great choices Roblox shares). And bonus — when your child plays these games with Kinjo, they can earn Robux! It’s screen time you can both feel good about. 

Download the Kinjo app on your child’s device today and level up their game (and learning) time!

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Author: Laura Malcolm

Career educator & educational product designer.

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