The Complete Parent (and Gamer) Guide to the Roblox Game Endangered World

Is your child an animal lover? Then Endangered World is their next must-play Roblox game! The call to action for your gamer is simple, “Save the animal kingdom by discovering endangered animals and become the ultimate animal hero.”
Game images from the Roblox game Endangered World, including a cute, animated tiger, walrus, shark, polar bear, narwhal, and more.

The Complete Parent (and Gamer) Guide to the Roblox Game Endangered World

Is your child an animal lover? Then Endangered World is their next must-play Roblox game!

Created in June of 2022 by Playduo Studios (creators of Expedition Antarctica — another great game!), Endangered World carries a clear message rooted in conservation efforts. 

The call to action for your gamer is simple, “Save the animal kingdom by discovering endangered animals and become the ultimate animal hero.”

How to succeed in Roblox’s Endangered World

To beat Endangered World, you must reach level 50 — earning the title of Animal Kingdom Savior.  And this is no simple feat! Reaching level 50 requires a lot of dedication. Players must discover over 100+ animals, traverse through different terrains to heal injured and sick creatures, and manage a variety of enclosures. 

As players advance through each biome, they complete quests and earn money to unlock the next biome. Players earn coins by selling their research photos and successfully rehabilitating animals.  

Advancing to the next level

To level up in the Roblox game Endangered World, players must complete a total of 40 quests for each level. As quests are completed, players earn in-game currency that’s used to purchase access to the next biome, unlocking new areas to explore. 

Quest Details 

If 40 quests seem like a lot, it is! But these activities are fun and immersive as your child levels up and gains skills. Here are some example quests.


Photographing Animals 

In these quests, players are tasked with photographing both specific animals and animals by conservation status. This requires the player to thoroughly investigate the biomes and find all the animals in each.

Healing Animals 

As they play, your child will run across injured animals. Injured animals are indicated by a red cross above their name and a frowning expression instead of a smile. Once found, Players need to transport the injured animals to the rescue center. 

Players only have two slots in the rescue center, so it’s important to have an available slot to accomplish this task. Once the injured animal is safely transported, the player then heals it using the supplies from the medicine shop. This also requires some planning, as players will need enough coins to purchase the required supplies. 

Then, once the animal is healed, players are given the choice to either adopt the healed animal or release it back into the wild.

Adopting Animals 

Every player has an enclosure to house their adopted animals. Players are responsible for caring for these animals and fulfilling all their needs. This includes Hunger, Thirst, Cleanliness, Fun, and Vegetation. 

Breeding Animals 

Breeding animals in Endangered World is a lucrative method for earning gems, which are used to purchase camera upgrades.

To initiate breeding, players must have two of the same animal in captivity, either captured adults or previously bred adults. By selecting both adults and clicking the heart icon that appears, a baby animal will be born in the enclosure. 

Once animals are bred, the player must raise them to adulthood before they can be released for gem rewards. The stages for bred animals include newborn, infant, junior, teen, and finally, raised adult.

Once a baby has been raised to the status of adult, the player can then release them back into the wild and collect their gems. Gems are earned based on conservation status, so players earn more for prioritizing the most critically endangered animals.

By completing these quests, healing injured animals, and choosing to adopt, players successfully level up. And in Endangered World, this means unlocking new biomes and engaging in more conservation-focused gameplay.

All the details of Roblox’s Endangered World (including the updates!)

Endangered World has many different biomes, animals, natural disasters, and bonuses to keep it interesting. Here we’ll break down the game’s many creatures, locations, and items so you can conquer this complex game.

A goat a jaguar and a llama stand in the valley surrounded by mountains in the Roblox game Endangered Animals.

Animals from the Andes in their biome.

The Important Locations in Endangered World

In Endangered World, biomes are intricately connected through gateways. These gateways serve as passages that players can traverse once they have acquired the corresponding biome. Here are the different biome types:

  • Savana

The Savanna is the initial biome in the Endangered World, serving as the starting point for every player. It draws inspiration from the African savanna — characterized by scattered trees and rocks, short yellow-orange grass, and a sweltering climate. 

  • Rainforest

The Rainforest is the 2nd biome introduced in Endangered World. It provides players with a vibrant and lush environment. Inspired by dense tropical rainforests, it features towering trees adorned with a variety of plant life, dense foliage, and a diverse range of animal species. 

  • Desert

The Desert has vast stretches of sand dunes and sparse vegetation. Players will encounter towering cacti, dry riverbeds, and scorching temperatures here.

  • Wetlands

On the other hand, the Wetlands are a haven for water-loving species. Featuring marshes, ponds, and dense vegetation, this biome offers a diverse ecosystem with an abundance of amphibians, birds, and aquatic plants.

  • Outback

The Outback presents a rugged and expansive landscape with red desert soil, unique rock formations, and isolated pockets of vegetation. It’s home to iconic Australian wildlife such as kangaroos and emus.

  • Boreal Forest

The Boreal Forest immerses players in a dense evergreen forest with towering coniferous trees, moss-covered rocks, and a cool climate. This biome supports a wide range of wildlife, including bears, wolves, and various bird species. 

  • Arctic Tundra

The Arctic Tundra, an icy and barren biome with frozen plains and a layer of permafrost, is home to resilient wildlife such as polar bears, arctic foxes, and muskox.


  • Ocean

The Ocean is a dynamic and diverse biome teeming with marine life, including colorful fish, sea turtles, and coral.

  • Coral Reef

Coral Reef reveals a stunning underwater world filled with vibrant coral formations and an array of tropical fish. It’s a delicate and biodiverse biome that players can explore while learning about the importance of reef conservation.


Types of Animals Found in Each Biome

Every biome houses a variety of animals with different levels of extinction. This list of animals was carefully created and actually matches the World Wildlife Directory. Below are the in-game descriptions for each of the conservation statuses:  


  • Least Concern – Very low risk of becoming extinct 
  • Near Threatened – low risk of extinction
  • Vulnerable – moderate risk of extinction
  • Endangered – high risk of extinction
  • Critically Endangered – very high risk of extinction 

And don’t forget, these biomes are not free from real-life concerns. Your child will also have to navigate different natural disasters while fulfilling their animal conservation mission.

These include:

  • Wildfires
  • Tsunamis
  • Sandstorms
  • Snow Blizzards
  • Oil Spills
  • Coral Bleaching


Item upgrades

As you or your child play, you can choose to upgrade your equipment or abilities. Here’s a quick breakdown.


Camera Upgrades 

  • Megapixels: Allows players to earn more coins for sold animal photos


  • Speed: Increases the “shutter” speed of the camera allowing players to take pictures faster


  • Memory: Gives players more inventory storage


  • Range: Players can stand further away from animals and still capture their picture. This is especially useful for avoiding unwanted animal attacks


  • Waterproof Camera: This is a required upgrade for specific biomes


Player Upgrades

  • Attack Protection: Players can sustain more damage from animals attacks


  • Walk Speed: Players can move around more quickly

Is there any learning in Endangered World?

Yes — Endangered World offers an immersive and engaging educational experience, perfect for learning all about wildlife conservation efforts.

Within the game, children learn the names and conservation statuses of a huge variety of animals — all while discovering intriguing animal facts. They’re also exposed to potential disasters that can impact the animals’ biomes, such as wildfires, tsunamis, and sandstorms. This adds another layer to their learning, fostering an understanding of the fragility of our ecosystems and the need for environmental preservation.


A rhino and two ostrich inside an enclosure.

Animal conservation in the Roblox game Endangered World

Endangered World goes beyond animal knowledge by teaching children about important conservation practices. They gain insights into responsible breeding practices and the process of releasing animals back into the wild — instilling in them a sense of responsibility and the value of protecting endangered species. 


When your child plays Endangered World, you can feel confident they’re not only enjoying an engaging gaming experience but also developing a deeper appreciation for wildlife and the environment. 


Roblox’s Endangered World is fun and challenging for the whole family!

Sound like fun? Give this mission-driven game a try with your kids! They’ll love sharing this gaming experience with you, and you’ll enjoy a well-made and challenging Roblox game. 


As you probably know, not every Roblox game is as great of quality as Endangered World. And with over 40 million games to choose from, it can be hard to find ones that are fun, challenging, and full of learning. If you’re looking to discover more games to build your child’s teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills, check out our app — Kinjo – Play Smart and Earn!


With Kinjo, your child will be directed to the best Roblox games, earning rewards for choosing more challenging experiences (like Endangered World). They can even earn Robux! Give it a try today and bring more learning to their screen time.

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