Learning Missions: A New Way to Play

Missions are live in the Kinjo app! Missions are interactive episodes that encourage children to develop life skills across our seven domains; Digital Citizenship, Financial Literacy, Memory, Psychomotor Speed, Executive Functioning, Social Cognition, and Knowledge Acquisition.
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Ever wish your child’s screen time could be more than just mindless entertainment? 

Kinjo leverages educational content already present within our 500+ Roblox Game Library into engaging Missions: weaving a narrative storyline to ensure that your kids are not only having fun, but also developing crucial life skills. 

Finding educational content in Roblox games

Our learning & gaming team at Kinjo evaluates games using a robust 500-point rubric to determine their learning value.

Each game is then assigned a 0-5 flame rating:

  • 5 Flames: Top-tier, highly educational, highly complex games that require great skill
  • 1 Flame: Minimal educational value, mindless play
  • 0 Flames: Not recommended due to low learning value or unsavory content

See the detailed information from our reviews in our Roblox Game Library, including parent summaries, content tags such as jump scares, lists and descriptions of how each life skill is practiced in that game!

Motivation to encourage high-quality game play

We know that intrinsic motivation is key, but a little extrinsic motivation never hurts. With Kinjo Missions, parents can customize their child’s earning level.


Prioritizing games with higher learning experiences earns kids Kinjo Coins, which can be redeemed for rewards like Robux. This means no more constant begging for Robux – your kids earn them through productive play. 

Mission Star Gems

Star Gems are only earned in Kinjo's Learning Missions. Once your child earns enough Star Gems by completing Mission Tasks, they earn a Kinjo Coin bonus.

Kinjo Coins

Kinjo Coins can be earned by playing our recommended games. The more flames a game has, the more Kinjo Coins earned.

Robux, V-Bucks, or Minecoins

Once your child has earned enough Kinjo Coins by completing Missions and playing recommended games, they can exchange Kinjo Coins for Robux, V-Bucks, or Minecoins.
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Double your child's motivation with Kinjo Plus

Kinjo Plus Kids earn 2x the Kinjo Coins for playing our recommended games.
Stay engaged with 2x coins

New! Skill-Based Missions

Kinjo’s Skills Framework was developed by analyzing the last 20 years of published research on video games and learning.

During its creation, our experts focused on game research measuring cognitive performance in real-world activities.

While evaluating this data, it became apparent that most game-driven skills can be broken down into Skill Domains.

Kinjo's 7 Skill Domains

Digital Citizenship, Financial Literacy, Memory, Psychomotor Speed, Executive Functioning, Social Cognition, and Knowledge Acquisition

Digital Citizenship Skill Domain Badge
Financial Literacy Skill Domain Badge
Memory Skill Domain Badge
Psychomotor Skill Domain Badge
Executive Functioning Skill Domain Badge
Social Cognition Skill Domain Badge
Knowledge Acquisition Skill Domain Badge

Within each of these Skill Domains, correlations were established between life skills and in-game mechanics which has allowed us to evaluate numerous existing gaming experiences to rate skill-building aspects inherent in each gaming experience.

To encourage a deeper exploration of skills within each domain, we’re proud to announce our first two Skill-Based Missions releasing mid-July 2024.

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All Kinjo kids get access to their first mission. Kinjo Plus subscribers get access to all missions.
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Adaptive Readiness Protocol Mission

Practice adaptability: the ability to adjust and respond effectively to new or changing situations, environments, or challenges. Adaptability is a skill under the Executive Functioning Skill Domain.

Executive Functioning Skill Domain Badge

Skill Domain: Executive Functioning

A set of cognitive skills that enable individuals to plan, organize, initiate, and complete tasks effectively and efficiently.

In the Adaptive Readiness Protocol Mission, your cadet is challenged to learn how to stay flexible in tricky situations, as the Apo’s could attack at any minute.

Start the "Adaptive Readiness Protocol" Mission in the Kinjo iOS app

Your child will earn 500 Kinjo Coins when this mission is complete. To complete this mission, they need to play games that practice the skill of adaptability in games such as  Pathogen Patrol.


Pathogen Patrol is an immersive Roblox game that puts players in the role of virus-fighting agents tasked with protecting the world from deadly pathogens. With its engaging gameplay and cooperative multiplayer mode, the game offers an exciting experience for players interested in science and teamwork.


While in the game players practice adaptability by choosing different helper cells, such as macrophages or T-cells, to combat specific pathogens more effectively, ensuring successful containment and elimination of threats. 

Did you know? There are 10 Executive Functioning life skills:

  1. Adaptability
  2. Analysis
  3. Complex Problem Solving
  4. Divided Attention
  5. Prioritization
  6. Resource Allocation
  7. Sustained Attention
  8. Strategic Planning
  9. Task Switching
  10. Time Management

Resistance Renewal Mission

Practice budgeting and statistical reasoning; skills under the Financial Literacy Skill Domain. Budgeting is the ability to plan, allocate, and manage financial resources efficiently and effectively; statistical reasoning is the ability to use statistical methods and logic to analyze data, draw conclusions, and make predictions.

Financial Literacy Skill Domain Badge

Skill Domain: Financial Literacy

A set of cognitive and practical skills that enable individuals to understand, manage, and make informed decisions about their personal finances, including budgeting, saving, investing, and understanding financial products and concepts.

While in our Resistance Renewal Mission, your cadet’s task is to make the resistance stronger with more coins in their coffers. 

Start the "Resistance Renewal" Mission in the Kinjo iOS app

Your child will earn 350 Kinjo Coins when this mission is complete. To complete this mission, players will practice budgeting and statistical reasoning in games like Battle Zombie Tycoon. 

Zombie Battle Tycoon is an action-packed Roblox game that thrusts players into a world overrun by zombies. Set in a post-apocalyptic landscape, the game challenges players to build and manage their own zombie-fighting fortress.

Players will spend their resources on upgrades and new equipment deliberating between the pro’s and cons of each before determining which purchase offers the best long-term benefits.

  1. Budgeting
  2. Investing
  3. Passive Income
  4. Negotiation / Trade
  5. Supply & Demand
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Unlock unlimited Missions with Kinjo Plus

All Kinjo kids get access to their first mission. Kinjo Plus subscribers get access to all missions.
Get all Missions

Coming soon! Knowledge Acquisition Missions

Our upcoming Knowledge Acquisition Missions go beyond our standard life skills, focusing on traditional academic subjects like physics, biology, animal science, and environmental science. 


Imagine your kids learning about the laws of physics or the intricacies of animal behavior while having fun playing Roblox games.

At Kinjo, we believe that every child has the potential to turn their gaming into a powerful learning experience. By leveraging the educational content already present within games into engaging missions, we ensure that your kids are not only having fun but also developing crucial life skills.

Join the Kinjo community today and watch as your child embarks on a journey of discovery, learning and growth. Let’s turn play into progress and ignite the spark of curiosity in every young gamer.

Kinjo Plus

A parent’s secret weapon for keeping Roblox time educational and safe.

Kids get the best games and real rewards.

  • 100’s of trending, parent-approved Roblox games added each month
  • Collect Kinjo coins to trade for Robux, V-Bucks, or Minecoins. Cha-ching!

Parents get so much more:

  • Easy monitoring: Know about their gaming without constantly looking over their shoulder
  • Learning Missions: Guide your child to activities in games that build super-skills
  • Weekly Insights: What your kid is playing, how long they’re at it, and who they’re playing with
  • Skill tracking: Foster the skill sets your child develops in gameplay

Not ready for Kinjo Plus yet?

Your kiddo can try Kinjo Basic for free and still get these awesome features:

  • Limited rewards and missions
  • Basic gameplay and skill-building features
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