The Parent (and Gamer) Guide to the Roblox Game Doors

Is your kid obsessed with the Roblox games Doors? Want to learn more about this horror game so you can decipher their conversations? Check out this guide to Roblox Doors.
An image from the Roblox game Doors - a fun horror game full of learning and jump scares.

The Complete Parent (and Gamer) Guide to the Roblox Game Doors

If your kiddo plays Roblox, you’ve likely heard about the game Doors. Since its release in August 2022, Doors has been hugely popular — especially with the YouTube gaming crowd. It currently has over 1.9 BILLION visits! And in just the last few weeks, Doors has gone through a major update — and it’s awesome! Even if your child has already beaten the game, there are new badges to collect and new cut scenes to watch. And everyone is playing it. If you’ve been hearing about monsters named Figure and Seek for months now (but still have no idea what your kids are talking about), this is the guide for you. Once you finish reading, you’ll have all the insight you need to join the Doors conversation. Or even play it yourself (if you dare). Let’s explore the ins, outs, and many jumpscares of Doors.

What kind of game is Doors?

Doors is considered a horror game, but don’t let that scare you (haha) — it’s actually quite kid-friendly.  Imagine, you’ve been invited to a famed haunted hotel. You arrive, choose an elevator (you can choose one that holds 1, 2, 3, or 4 players), and head up to reception.  At this point, there’s no going back. You’re left to navigate your way through the hotel, surviving different “entities”, until you reach the exit — 100 doors away.    And how do you survive? Well, that depends on who or what you encounter.

Is there any learning potential in Doors?

Many Roblox games (especially those classified as horror games) appear to have little to no learning moments. But dig a little deeper and you’ll see that Doors is a great game for practicing a variety of skills.  If you’re playing with others, communication and teamwork are key to surviving. Players need to coordinate hiding spots if everyone is going to reach the end. You also have to work together to find keys for locked doors or bandaids for injured players.  And Doors is all about perseverance and overcoming challenges. You will die (more than a few times) while playing. Working through that frustration and learning from past mistakes are essential to reaching the final door. On top of these primary skills, you can also find reading and math practice, problem-solving, pattern recognition, and planning skills being built inside this engaging game.

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How do you beat Doors?

To beat Doors, you have to exit door 100.  It sounds simple, but it can be an incredibly frustrating experience — full of complex mini-games and unexpected surprises.    There are a few things you can expect each time you play — the monster Figure is always at doors 50 and 100, and you’ll most likely run across Seek twice. But other details are random, making each experience new.   Even more interesting — you only learn how to survive each entity after dying to it. Well, unless you watch someone play it on YouTube or you read this guide.    Having to figure it out as you go is part of the game’s design. But it’s still plenty challenging even when you know exactly what you need to do to make it to the end.   If you want to experience Doors as intended, stop reading now and jump in. But, if you want more insight into what your kids spend hours talking about, keep going for all the spooky details.  

All the details of Roblox’s Doors (including the updates!)

Doors has many different styles of rooms, monsters, and bonuses to keep it interesting. You never play the same run twice. Here we’ll break down the game’s many entities, locations, and items so you can conquer this complex game.  

The Entities in Doors

These are the game’s main antagonists — and yep, there are a lot of them. Let’s break down who they are, when you’ll likely encounter them, and how to survive them.
  • Rush
Rush is a spooky gray face with a big, wide smile. But you don’t want to wait until you see him to hide. He is fast. Are lights flashing? Do you hear a whooshing, static-like noise? Run to the nearest wardrobe or bed and hide. You’ll see Rush zoom by, leaving darkness behind him.
  • Hide
Rush just flew by and you’re in the wardrobe. You figure this safe spot is an excellent place to take a rest and a sip of your coffee. Then suddenly, you’re pushed out.  You just met Hide. Avoiding him is simple — just don’t hang out too long in your hiding spot. 
  • Screech
You’re in a dark room, searching the drawers for a key, when you hear a “psst”. You turn around, but don’t see anything. Then your health is hit hard. You just found Screech.   Well, actually, you didn’t find him, and that’s the problem. To survive Screech, each time you hear his “psst”, look all around until you see him. Once you lay eyes on him, he’ll scream and run off. But he’ll continue to come back as long as you’re searching that dark room.  
  • Ambush 
Lights flicker, and you hear an approaching noise. You jump in a wardrobe as a green-glowing entity goes by. But this time, he comes back. That’s not Rush — it’s Ambush. Ambush will go back and forth several times. But you can’t simply stay in your wardrobe (remember Hide?), so you’re left jumping in and out of your hiding spot until he’s gone. 
  • Seek
As you wander through the hotel, eyes begin appearing on the walls, ceiling, just all around. Lights flicker, but Rush never comes. Then you reach a long hallway and a spooky cut scene of Seek rising out of the floor begins.    As soon as the cut scene ends, you need to run, dodging furniture and choosing the correct path through several doors to outrun Seek.    You’ll run across Seek twice during a run — once around door 35 to 40, and again around door 75. It may take you a few tries, but once you get the hang of it, Seek is an easy entity to beat.
  • The Eyes
These are different than the Seek eyes that appear as you approach a Seek chase. This large group of glowing eyes is simple to survive, but if you’re not paying attention, they can put a quick end to your run.    What do you need to do? Avoid looking at them as you head to the next room. Easy peasy. 
  • Halt
This entity will stop you in your tracks. Each time Halt appears in front of you, you must stop and run the other way. Back and forth until you make it to the next door.  Pro-tip — you don’t have to turn around each time to go the other way. Simply moving backward can make Halt a bit easier to survive.
  • Timothy
Timothy is one of the best jump scares in the game. You’ll find Timothy hiding inside of drawers throughout the hotel. Open one of his hiding spots, and this black spider will jump toward you, draining some of your health while giving you a fright.   The only way to avoid Timothy is to skip opening drawers. But then you miss out on some really helpful stuff (more details on that below).
  • Figure
If there is an ultimate boss in Doors, it’s Figure. Figure appears in two places — door 50 and door 100. And both times involve some extra challenges.    Figure is blind, but can hear every little sound (including your heartbeat). So crouch, move, and hide to avoid him as you search for books and breakers. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll die to Figure at least a few times. But he can be beat, with enough patience.
  •  The Void
If you’re playing with other characters, make sure you’re all on the same page. If they run ahead, they could trigger Rush while you’re still rooms away — leaving you with little warning.   Or if they get too far ahead (at least 5 doors ahead of you), you’ll meet The Void. The Void will kick you forward, catching you up with the rest of your party, and dropping your health in the process.
  • Dupe
A part of the recent update, Dupe is a sneaky entity. Dupe only shows up behind fake doors if you choose the wrong path.    How do you know which door to choose? Keep up with your door numbers and choose the next one in your journey. Sound simple enough, but keeping track isn’t always easy (especially if you just finished a Seek chase). 
  • Snare 
Another post-update entity, you’ll only encounter Snare towards the end of your run in the Greenhouse.   Don’t step on those grassy patches on the floor, or you’ll feel the stab of Snare’s spikes. This will deplete some health and immobilize you for a few seconds. And while they may sound simple to avoid, the Greenhouse is always dark, making Snare a frustratingly tricky adversary.   While this is a list of all the current entities that can harm you, they aren’t the only ones you’ll encounter. Have a look out for Bob, El Goblino, Jeff, Guiding Light, Jack, Window (aka Sally), Glitch, and the Shadow as well.   

The Important Locations in Doors

While much of Doors is a series of randomly-generated rooms, there are a few places you are guaranteed to see on every run.
  • The Lobby
This is where you begin when you enter a server. Here is where you’ll meet up with your friends and choose an elevator.
  • The Elevator
On the ride up to Reception, you’ll have a chance to buy a few things that may help you on your run (purchased with door knobs earned on previous runs or with Robux). The best part of the ride up — the music. Love it as much as we do? Check out a fun version here, or play a spin-off game (like Roblox’s Doors But Bad) for some hilarious parodies of the distinctive tune.  
  • Reception
You’ve made it to the beginning of the game! First order of business — find the key for door 1. And maybe ring the bell while you’re at it.
  • Painting Puzzle Rooms
Once or twice a run you’ll enter a room with about 4 differently-shaped paintings. But, as indicated by the glowing shapes on the walls, the paintings are not in the right spots.  Take each one off the wall and swap. When they are all where they belong, the entrance to the next room will appear.
  • Library
If you’ve made it here, congratulations — you just survived to door 50! And that’s a big accomplishment. But what’s not so great — you just met Figure. And even worse — the next door needs to be unlocked with a code.    In the library, you’ll need to find a piece of paper with the code, and several books to help you decipher the code. Once found, you can unlock the next door and move on — if you manage to avoid Figure.    If he finds you while hiding, get ready. You’ll be prompted to play a rhythm mini-game (simulating your heartbeat) to get him off your tail.
  • Jeff Shop 
New with the update is the Jeff Shop. Not long after leaving the Library you’ll come across Jeff, Bob, and El Goblino with items to help you finish your run. And they have some pretty good stuff, but more on that later.   Something to keep in mind — these items are all purchased with gold. Gold that you find by opening drawers in all those rooms you traveled through. So don’t skip out on looting — even if Timothy gives you the creeps.
  • The Greenhouse
Before you reach door 100, you’ll pass through the greenhouse. This area is always dark, except for the occasional strike of lightning.    While Rush doesn’t usually appear in dark rooms, he has been known to show up here. And with no flashing lights to warn you, you need to keep a close listen. And don’t forget to watch out for Snare. 
  • Electrical Room
If you’re here, you’ve reached door 100! But don’t celebrate yet — Figure is here, and the elevator you need to escape has no power.    To escape, quietly creep around to find the missing breakers, then place them in the breaker box. Once they’re in, you’ll need to complete the memory mini-game three times.    Got it? Great! Now run to the elevator before Figure can catch you. Once you’re in, enjoy the cut scene. You just beat Doors!  

Items To Help You in Doors

Doors is full of dark rooms, locked areas, and creepy entities. But there are a few things you can buy or find during your run to help you beat the game.
  • Vitamins
Is Seek always catching up with you? Keep a bottle of vitamins handy for a quick speed boost. 
  • Lockpicks
If you’d rather not search a dark room for a key, use a lockpick to open the door and move into the next room.
  • Lighter
This can help you navigate the darkness. But the fuel runs out quickly.
  • Flashlight
Another handy tool for a dark room, but it drains batteries in a hurry. Keep an eye out for extra batteries to keep the light on.
  • Gold
If you want to buy anything in the Jeff Shop, you’ll need gold. Open drawers to find enough for your purchase.
  • Candle
Another aid for dark rooms with an extra perk — the candle will glow blue when an entity is near. 
  • Bandaids
Did Timothy or Screech drain a bit of your health? Search the drawers for bandaids to restore it before the next scare.
  • Keys
Some doors are locked. To get to the next room, you’ll need to find a key. Look all around, checking drawers and tops of tables in order to move on.
  • Crucifix
Everyone was excited to see this item after the update. A crucifix can be used once against entities — sometimes saving you from them (at least in your current room) or slowing them down to give you a head start (as is the case of Seek and Figure).   You can find a crucifix while looting drawers. Or you may even discover one up on a wall, though this is rare. But you can usually buy one at the Jeff Shop (if you have 250 gold).
  • Skeleton Key
Also part of the update, the Skeleton Key can be used to open skull locks on two special doors (more on that below).
  • The Rift
Did you make it to door 100 with a crucifix or other special item you want to keep? Look for a glowing scar of a portal downstairs from where Firgure appears. You can drop an item in the Rift, and it will be waiting for you at the beginning of your next run.  

Secret Rooms Inside of Doors

With the update came two, new secret spaces you can access with the skeleton key — the Infirmary and the entrance to Rooms.    The Infirmary can be found shortly after the Jeff Shop. It’s full of beds and drawers, and you can find a lot of gold here. But the main reason you want to check out the Infirmary is for the Herbs of Viridis. This green herb will give you an instant health boost, and then continue to slowly heal you throughout the rest of your run.   But the most exciting secret room in the update is the entrance to Rooms. Rooms is a game that inspired Doors, and now you can play it in the middle of your Doors run. Look for the entrance around door 60 and behind a wardrobe. You’ll need 2 lockpicks and the skeleton key to get inside.    Once in, you’ll have to navigate a whole new set of entities as you travel through 1000 rooms! It’s a lot, but if you make it through, you’ll receive some pretty amazing surprise items you get to take back into Doors.   

Roblox’s Doors is fun and challenging for the whole family!

Sound like fun? Give this spooky game a try with your kids! They’ll love sharing this experience with you, and you’ll get to enjoy a well-made and challenging Roblox game.    As you probably know, not every Roblox game is as great of quality as Doors. And with over 40 million games, it can be hard to find the ones that are fun, challenging, and full of learning. If you’re looking for more games to help your child practice their teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills, check out the Kinjo iOS app!   With Kinjo, your child will be directed to the best Roblox games, earning rewards for choosing more challenging experiences (like Doors). They can even earn Robux! Give it a try today and bring more learning to their screen time.  

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