The Complete Parent (and Gamer) Guide to the Roblox Game Farmstead

Farmstead is the ultimate farming game on Roblox. With nearly 5 million visits, a 95% rating, and loads of learning opportunities, Farmstead is one of Kinjo’s top-rated games.
Farmstead is an all-ages game perfect for learning!

The Complete Parent (and Gamer) Guide to the Roblox Game Farmstead

First released in June of 2022, Farmstead is celebrating its first year on Roblox! This all-ages game (created by Kanga Games) is the ultimate farming game on Roblox. With nearly 5 million visits, a 95% rating, and loads of learning opportunities, Farmstead is one of Kinjo’s top-rated games.

Read on to discover the ins and outs of Farmstead, what we like about it, and why your kiddo will love it!

All the details of Roblox’s Farmstead (including the updates!)

Farmstead is a great game! And one reason why it’s so fun (and rated highly with 5 Kinjo flames) is its complexity. There are many different locations, loads of skills, and a huge variety of crops to navigate and conquer as you play and level up. 

Want to become a Farmstead pro? Read on for all the details you need to beat this complex game!

The Important Locations in Farmstead

Farmstead features five distinct locations that players must progress through. Each farming region brings a diverse range of possibilities and its own set of requirements to master. 

As players advance through the game, they encounter these different regions, expanding their farming opportunities and adding depth to their agricultural pursuits.

Here are the most important Farmstead locations:

  • Town

    The Town is a bustling social hub. Here, players can interact with helpful members of the community and utilize crucial tools to help them expand their farm. 

  • Forest Region

    The Forest region is the starting point for players. It offers a diverse range of crops to harvest, giving players a quick kickstart to their farming journey.

  • Plains Region

    After tackling the Forest, players can unlock the Plains region. This location introduces more land for expanding their farm and even has a lake.

  • Mountain Region

    The Mountains region is the third area players explore. It’s characterized by vast expanses of rocks, trees, and snowy landscapes. This area provides ample space for large-scale farming endeavors.

  • Tropical Biome

    As the final area, the Tropical region introduces a vibrant and lush environment — complete with mangoes and coconuts. It’s a fun, tropical twist to the Farmstead experience.

    Image of a farm field with a house from the Roblox game Farmstead.

    Earn coins by growing crops in Farmstead.

How do you level up in Farmstead?

As players build their farms, they earn coins. And once they earn enough, they can unlock the next region. Sounds simple enough, but how do you earn coins?


The simple answer is that players earn coins by selling crops. But there’s a lot that goes into getting crops ready to sell. And that’s where this game’s learning moments really start to shine. 


There are two types of currency used in Farmstead — coins and gems.


  • Coins are the primary currency in the games. Coins are earned by selling crops. And they’re also used to purchase all the farming equipment — including tools, seeds, animals, and machinery.

  • Gems are earned by completing in-game quests. They can be spent on luxury items, such as brick walls, square arbors, or an outdoor hot tub.


It’s pretty straightforward, but how a player manages their coins and gems can make a big difference in how quickly they can move to the next area of the game.  

Advancing your Farmstead skills 

Farmstead currently has six skills players can work on, each with ten levels. Let’s take a look at each skill and explore some of the requirements for mastering them. 


  • Cooking (new as of May 2023)

Cooking is a fun, new skill where players get to prepare delectable dishes. These meals then provide boosts or additional income for their farm. 


Players can level up their cooking skills by engaging in a range of activities. This includes grilling fish using a BBQ or cooking dishes with a Chef’s Stewpot or Baker’s Oven. As players progress, they gain access to a wider variety of dishes and stews to prepare. Fun!

  • Farming 

As you might have guessed, farming is an essential skill in Farmstead. This skill is used throughout the game as players cultivate, harvest, and expedite the growth of crops and trees. 


Advancing in the farming skill entails tasks such as:

  • Tilling soil with a cultivator
  • Watering crops with a watering can
  • Harvesting crops with a scythe
  • Gathering animal products like milk or eggs

As players improve their farming skills, they unlock access to a diverse selection of seeds, animals, tools, and buildings — enabling them to expand and enhance their farming operations.

  • Fishing 

Fish can be found throughout the various bodies of water in the game. To begin fishing, players must head to the town and make their way to the coastline. Each player starts with a fishing rod in their inventory. To catch a fish, they cast their rod, aiming to get their bobber as close to the fish as possible (the fish will be indicated with a white ring). 


In Farmstead, players can catch up to 17 different species of fish. As they catch, these species are recorded in their fishing index. The trick — as they work their way through the index, the captured fish become progressively more rare and harder to catch. 


To increase their chances of catching these elusive fish, players can upgrade their rod by visiting Blacksmith Brooks. These upgraded rods extend the casting range and can even use worm bait (obtained by advancing their mining skills). 

  • Foraging

In Farmstead, players have the opportunity to explore and gather items (like flowers and mushrooms) via foraging. These foraged treasures can be sold for coins or used as raw materials to create something new — like fertilizer. Foraged items are also great for adding flavor and uniqueness to their culinary creations. Yum!

  • Mining 

Similar to foraging, mining invites players to venture through the farmsteads in search of randomly spawned rocks. Although the variety is limited, several types of rocks can be mined. Then players can use their mined rocks for crafting valuable items or sell them for currency. 

  • Woodcutting

To level up their woodcutting skills, players use their axe to chop down trees. These tree logs are then turned into planks for building or they can be sold to obtain more coins.


A virtual forest in the Roblox game Farmstead.

Woodcutting is one of the skills in Farmstead.


More important features in Roblox’s Farmstead 

Though the locations and skills above cover a lot of the gameplay, there’s always more to learn and grow. Here are some other important items and skills used in Farmstead.


Crops are a fundamental element in Farmstead. And unlike other games, you don’t just choose your crop plot and watch them grow.


Before planting, players must prepare the soil. This means using a cultivator to till the earth. Then the seeds must be planted and watered before the crops will grow. And not every crop is the same. Each plant has its own unique growth time and selling price, adding depth and variety to the farming experience. 


To acquire seeds, players can conveniently purchase them from Trader Tom, who offers a wide selection of options. 

Types of Crafting 

In Farmstead, the building feature allows players to personalize their farms. It’s also a great way to generate more income passively. 

The game offers four types of blueprints:


  • Structures – for creating buildings on the farm and enhancing income.
  • Functional – used to craft new items, boost income, and store possessions.
  • Decor – perfect for adding decorative elements to the farm.
  • Connective — for building animal enclosures.

Crafting with blueprints gives players the chance to get creative —  building a farm they’re proud to show off to friends. 

Types of Animals 

As players level up, they have the option to purchase and raise two types of animals:



Once players reach Farming Level 3, they unlock egg-producing chickens. These eggs can be sold or used in cooking. 


With proper care, players can have fresh eggs every few minutes in the game. Gaming tip — players should pay close attention to how much space chickens have, as an overcrowded coop will slow egg production. 



At Farming Level 5, players unlock milk-producing cows. This is super exciting because the milk can be sold or transformed into butter! Both milk and butter can be used in baking recipes to help level up the cooking skill. 


Another bonus — players can breed cows and introduce new varieties to their farm. To breed cows players must have a female and male cow in the same pin by themselves. Hearts will appear approximately 15 minutes later a baby Cow will be born.

The Town Folk

Several of the town folk in Farmstead have quests for players to complete. And every completed quest earns you gems that can be used to purchase special items.


Wondering who’s who in the town of Farmstead? Here’s your guide to the helpful people of the town:


  • Sailor Santiago – provides transportation from Town back to the player’s farm, ensuring a convenient and swift journey.

  • Trader Tom – operates Farmstead’s shop, offering a wide array of seeds, fertilizer, and trees for players to purchase.

  • Blacksmith Brooks – runs the tool shop, providing players with essential tools for farming, mining, woodcutting, and fishing.

  • Research Robin – teaches the player how to use the town’s stations (more on that below).

  • Master Kara – provides advanced Quests to players.

Town Stations 

As they say, it takes a village. And even though you’re working towards self-sufficiency, you can’t get everything you need from your own farm. But the town has you covered with these convenient stations:


  • Preserves Barrel – Creates jam
  • Compost Bin – Creates fertilizer
  • Smelting Kiln – Smelts precious metals into ingots that can be used for crafting
  • Builders Table – Allows players to craft items from raw materials
  • Sawmill – Turns wood into lumber so it can be used for crafting

Is there learning in Farmstead?

Yes — there are endless learning opportunities in Farmstead! Here are a few we love! 


  • Players learn the value of time management and prioritizing tasks. Some tasks are time-consuming but necessary — such as planting crops, tending to animals, and harvesting. 


  • Farmstead encourages players to develop their own strategies for generating revenue. And we love that there are multiple ways for players to diversify their income. These are entrepreneurship skills that can carry over into real-life pursuits.


  • Critical thinking skills are constantly being practiced and honed in Farmstead. For example, players must plan how to allocate their resources — time, money, and items. Should they invest in an upgraded tool? What’s the cost vs the benefits? Would it be better to sell an item for cash or use it to craft something new? What is the time exchange for cooking vs having to collect everything I need for the recipe?

And these learning moments are just a few of the ways your child can be challenged in Farmstead! Give it a try and play with your child and you’ll get a full understanding of just how complex this game can be. We promise you’ll have a blast!

Cattle in a field in the Roblox game Farmstead.

Raising cattle is one of the activities in Farmstead.

Roblox’s Farmstead is fun and challenging for the whole family!

Even though it’s only a year old, we know Farmstead will be a favorite Roblox game for years to come. With loads of learning opportunities already, we know that each new update will not only increase the fun but also the opportunities to learn new and valuable life skills. 


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Want some guilt-free screen time you can all enjoy? Try Kinjo – Play Smart and Earn today! 

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