What are Robux (and Why is My Child Always Asking for Them)?

If you find yourself wondering why your child is constantly asking you for Robux, you’re in the right place. Today we’re sharing what Robux are, how your child can get them, and what to watch out for.
Dad and his kid are sitting on a couch together, smiling while playing on their devices. The kid may be happy because Dad is adding Robux to his Roblox account.

What are Robux (and Why is My Child Always Asking for Them)?

The Complete Parent’s Guide to Robux

Robux gift cards have been at the top of many kids’ wishlists over the last couple of years. But why? Why are kids choosing Robux over cash? How did this digital currency become so popular?

If you find yourself wondering why your child is constantly asking you for Robux, you’re in the right place. Today we’re sharing what Robux are, how your child can get them, and what to watch out for.

Let’s go!

What are Robux?

Robux are the digital currency used in the popular gaming platform Roblox. Need a refresher on Roblox? Read through our Parent’s Guide to Roblox to get up to speed. 


But chances are, if you’re here asking about Robux, you’re familiar with Roblox. 


And while Roblox is a free app to download, there are plenty of ways to spend money in the platform. But not with cash. Nope — your dollars are no good here. To buy anything inside of Roblox, you must exchange your real-life money for Robux. Then you’re ready to shop for Roblox-specific virtual items. 

And there are a lot to choose from.

What can you buy with Robux?

Anything for sale inside of Roblox is paid for in Robux. And this includes a huge variety of items — from gear for your avatar to power-ups inside each individual game (Roblox calls them experiences). 


Here are a few of the most popular items your child can buy with Robux:


  • Avatar body customizations

Including different face shapes, facial expressions, body shapes, skin tones, and animations. It’s a fun way to customize your Roblox avatar, though there are also several free options to choose from.


  • Avatar clothing and accessories

This is a HUGE category. Kids may choose to change their style weekly by swapping out their shirts, dresses, pants, sunglasses, hats, or bags. There are even outfits inspired by the most popular games and characters, as well as more off-the-wall accessories to add (like a Grimace shake or a Rainbow Friends Yellow shoulder buddy). A lot of money can be spent here quickly.

  • VIP passes

While most games on Roblox are free to play, there will often be some locked content inside of these games. These locked items can include new characters or customization packs. If your child is a big fan of a particular game, they’ve likely already bought (or have asked to buy) a VIP pack for it.

  • Pay-to-win upgrades

Don’t want to put in the hours to beat a game? Or are you looking to get to the top of the leaderboard in a hurry? There are plenty of games that will happily give you the abilities and power-ups you need to conquer it in exchange for your Robux. 


This is popular in many YouTube gaming videos, so it’s important to chat with your child about the pros and cons of pay-to-win tactics (more on this below).

  • Private servers

Roblox is a busy platform with over 66 million daily active users. And while the social aspect of meeting new friends can be part of the draw, sometimes you just want to play with your friends. Or learn the ropes of a new game by yourself before joining all the other players. 


If your child doesn’t want to jump into the public servers, or you’d prefer for them to only play with friends, private servers are a great solution. And many games offer up private servers for free. But others require a small monthly fee, paid in Robux, to access this option.

  • In-game items

This is another BIG category where a lot of money can be spent. Most games will sell items in game. Some of these items can make playing the game a bit easier — like a jetpack in an obby (or obstacle course-style game). And some are meant to “troll” other players. For example, for a fairly large price you can choose to nuke an entire server, destroying everyone playing the game in the process. 


These are popular items. And it’s one of the main ways Roblox game developers make money. But that also leads to some questionable practices. For example, you can purchase a magic carpet to fly through an obby for 1,000 Robux (which is about $10), but you can only use it one time. The next time you join this game, that item and the money you spent on it are gone.

Image from Roblox game Adopt me that shows the offers to spend Robux to get in game currency.
Opportunities to buy and spend Robux are common in games.

Robux Scams — what to watch out for

As you can see above, there are a lot of questionable ways to spend Robux. And in some cases, these practices can take advantage of younger kids who don’t really understand money and how it works. 


But, this can open the door to some really great learning conversations!

Help your child practice financial literacy with Robux

If your child is elementary-aged or older, warn them about being careful with their spending. Remind them to look at what they’re buying before they confirm a purchase. Just because they have the Robux to spend doesn’t mean they should. 


One way to help them stay on track without trampling their autonomy is to ask them (before the Robux hit their account) what they’ve been waiting to buy. For kids with a monthly membership (more on that below), they likely had their next purchase picked out weeks ago. 


Once you know their plans for their money, remind them to buy that first. Or let them know that they won’t be getting enough this time so they need to save this month until they get more. Talk them through their options. And then, if they misstep, be ready to walk them through their disappointment. 


Our best advice — never buy them more Robux than you are comfortable with them “wasting”. 


With that said, it’s best to step back and let them spend their money how they choose. We may never understand why they chose to buy a virtual purple backpack for $5 of real money. But if it makes them happy, smile and tell them to enjoy it. And know you’re building a positive money mindset.

Free Robux offers and online safety

Sadly, the Free Robux scams are rampant. The demand for Robux is high, and people are definitely trying to take advantage. But this is also a great way to introduce the online safety conversation to your kids.


Always remind them not to give out their personal information online. If something sounds sus, it probably is. If they believe a route to Robux is legitimate – like Kinjo, they should still bring it to you first. 


Good news though — there are a few ways for your child to earn Robux (including one that will also boost their learning!). Let’s explore how your child can get more Robux.

How can my child get more Robux?

So your child is begging for more Robux. How do you get them added to their account? Here are your options.

1. Buy them

This is the most common way to increase your child’s Robux balance. You can purchase a gift card at most big box stores, or add them directly to their account. 


Want to get the best exchange rate? Roblox offers a Premium membership for a monthly fee that includes the best dollar-to-Robux rate, along with a few other perks for gaming members. If you’re going to use Robux as an allowance, this is your best best. 

2. Try Kinjo

Remember when we mentioned above a way to earn Robux that also boosts your child’s learning? That’s Kinjo!

Kinjo is the first ever app to “learnify” your child’s favorite Roblox games. And bonus — it’s free to download and sign-up!


How does it work? Kinjo’s team of educators rates games based on their complexity and learning potential. And then we put those games front and center on your child’s device. 


When your child chooses to play Kinjo-recommended games, they earn Kinjo Coins. And once they earn enough, they can exchange them for rewards — like Robux! It’s a real and legit way to earn Robux that both kids and parents love.


[Download Kinjo on Your Child’s IOS Device to Get Started!] 

3. Sell clothing in Roblox Marketplace

As mentioned above, there are tons of ways to personalize your avatar. And one reason why there’s so much variety is because selling virtual clothing can earn a gamer Robux. If this sounds like something your child might enjoy, you can check out all of the details here.

4. Create your own Roblox game

Any Roblox user can create their own Roblox experience. And by adding in ways for players to spend Robux, the creator can earn their own.


If your child is interested in learning to code their own video games, Roblox is a great place to start. With the right online class, your child can learn the ins and outs of Roblox development and create their own game. 


Then, if they’re interested in monetizing their experience, check out this page for all the details of turning their passion into Robux.

Kinjo can help your child earn Robux and level-up their learning!

If you’re worried about your child’s screen time, improve it with Kinjo!


Kinjo is the best way to turn their Roblox time into real-life learning. Your child can play the games they love while also building skills that will aid them for years to come. 


With Kinjo, they get to enjoy some incredibly fun learning, and you get some screentime peace of mind.  Win-win!  😉


Want to learn more about how Kinjo works? Read all about our rating and rewards system here. Then download the free app on your child’s IOS device to get started!


[Download the Kinjo App Today for Better Learning and More Rewards!]

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