How Roblox Can be the Perfect Addition to Your Homeschooling Day

There are loads of skills and concepts your child can practice while playing on Roblox.
3 children homeschooling together while playing Roblox on their tablets. Roblox can be a great supplement to your homeschooling curriculum.

How Roblox Can be the Perfect Addition to Your Homeschooling Day

Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart. And while it is increasingly popular, it also requires a lot of time, dedication, and patience. 


You can help homeschooling feel a bit easier with the right methods and tools. Ones that really engage and excite your child. Because when ‘school time’ is fun, learning doesn’t become a fight. 


Our homeschooling secret weapon — Roblox.


Now we know what you’re thinking — can this online game actually teach my kids anything? The short answer — yes! When used with intention and reflection, Roblox can become an amazing teaching tool and curriculum supplement.


There are loads of skills and concepts your child can practice while playing on Roblox. Need a little more info before jumping on the Roblox train? You’re in the right place! Let’s examine exactly what Roblox is, which skills it can help your child practice, and how you can harness your kiddo’s gaming to bring more fun and learning to your homeschool day. 

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online platform that allows kids to explore (and even create) a huge variety of games. Roblox games can be played on phones or tablets, gaming consoles, or computers, so it’s highly accessible. And millions of kids choose to play every day. 


Roblox offers over 40 million minigames for players to choose from. There are games where your child can run a business, become a wizard, or explore fantasy worlds. These games cover lots of genres, from obstacle courses and sports to role-playing and horror.


With so many options, there really is a game (or 30) every child can enjoy. 


Roblox also offers in-game chat — a big draw for many kiddos. The social aspect of Roblox makes playing even more fun — and can teach your child a lot too!


What your homeschooler can learn from Roblox

Whether you’re looking for math practice or to build social-emotional skills, your child can have fun while learning with Roblox. 


Roblox can be an engaging addition to your lesson plans or become its own stand-alone activity. Here are a few ways you can integrate Roblox into your homeschooling time.


Reading and spelling

Many a kid has sharpened their reading skills with Roblox! How? While your kid plays, they’re constantly being prompted to read. They’re reading game instructions, dialogue between the characters, and game mission objectives. 


Even better, if you allow your child to use the chat feature in Roblox, they’re also practicing spelling, reading, and social interactions while communicating with their friends and other players.


And while there are games on Roblox specifically designed to teach reading skills, these aren’t necessarily the types of games your child will choose — and that’s ok!


By keeping the learning fun, the skills come naturally. It’s one of the best things about incorporating Roblox into homeschooling. If your child is very anti-reading, instead of suggesting books (that your child keeps rejecting) try Roblox instead. It may be just the motivation they need to work on their skills.  


Basic math skills are important in all aspects of life — from budgeting to cooking. But this subject can be particularly difficult to teach at home. Worksheets are often found boring or frustrating. And then neither the parents nor the kids are looking forward to “math time”. 


Luckily, Roblox offers many ways to practice math skills that are both fun and engaging.


Kids can learn addition, subtraction, fractions, and more from just basic gameplay. If they’re collecting feathers for a reward, how many more do they need to get the prize? If people are working together to find resources, what percentage have they found vs their friends? Math is all around, and your kids are more motivated to solve these basic problems when they care about the outcome.


There’s also a currency in Roblox called Robux. Robux are used to purchase power-ups, costumes, and other cool items on the platform. Math skills, like conversions and the power of saving, can be learned with both Robux and other in-game currencies. 


Roblox also allows kids to explore STEM topics like programming, robotics, and engineering through experiences offered by The Museum of Science in Boston and First Robotics. Kids learn virtually how things work while playing with others who share their passion for STEM. Visit the Roblox Education page to learn more about these experiences and how to find them.


Real-life skills

Some games on Roblox (like tycoon-style games) give kids the chance to practice real-life entrepreneurial skills — without all the risk of starting a real business. But don’t be surprised if they decide they want to try one for real. 


In these games, your child balances generating revenue with investing in new equipment. They learn how to manage employees well. And they learn patience as their business slowly grows. 


But Roblox is full of way more than just entrepreneur-building games. Almost all games require perseverance and determination to reach advanced stages or rewards. Gamers must to learn to work through challenges if they want to succeed and level up or beat the game. 


Games of all kinds also require problem-solving skills. For example, adventure and role-playing games prompt kids to think outside the box to complete increasingly difficult objectives and missions. 


When practicing all of these skills in games, children grow more confident in their abilities. And those skills and confidence transfer into the real world. It may not be always obvious what they’re working on, but if you watch closely you’ll soon see the learning. 

Social skills

Since Roblox is an online, multiplayer platform, your child can build better social skills while playing. 


While using chat, your child learns the importance of being kind and appropriate in their communication. And they have a chance to build their teamwork and cooperative skills in co-op play. Many games require working with others to accomplish objectives. And in many of these, effective communication is key.


Even if they don’t have access to the chat feature, they can practice good digital citizenship. Just as children have to learn how to treat others in real life, they also need to learn how to treat others online. 


Our children are spending more time online than any other generation before them. And technology will follow them into the workforce. It’s important for today’s kids to have the opportunity to practice these skills early on. And they need guidance to know what’s right and what’s wrong in online spaces. 



Because your child will be spending so much time online, it’s vitally important for them to learn self-regulation. As many of us know, regulating your screen use can be tough. But like any other skill, it can improve with practice. 


You won’t always be there looking over their shoulder. They won’t always have you reminding them to turn off their devices and get outside. But homeschooling gives you a lot of flexibility to practice self-regulation. You can work together to decide the best way to spend your days. And you can give your child more freedom to practice making these decisions themselves. 


You’re their best guide in this ever-increasing tech world. Share conversations about the positives and negatives of screen time. Talk about how to determine when your body needs a break. And give them the time needed to practice regulating their own screen time. 


You can decide what limits, or lack thereof, are best for your family. You know your child best. And even though it may not always feel like it, they can learn self-regulation with enough practice and support.


Roblox can boost your child’s learning at home

While Roblox is certainly a lot of fun, it can also be full of learning! And the more intentional you can be about their gameplay, the more skills they’ll be able to practice and build — from math to reading and emotional regulation.


Whether your homeschooling method is closer to unschooling, road schooling, game schooling, or more traditional methods, Roblox can have a place in your curriculum. 


Need help navigating the millions of games in Roblox? Kinjo’s here to help! 


With Kinjo’s gaming app, your child is directed to the highest-quality Roblox games — games that are full of learning, skill-building, and cognitive challenge. And as your child chooses these better games, they’re rewarded with Kinjo Coins that can be redeemed for all kinds of rewards — including Robux!


Interested in bringing more learning to your child’s Roblox time?

Download Kinjo – Play Smart and Earn on your child’s device today!

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