Image of a child in a ghost halloween costume holding a bucket to collect candy. This kid loves Halloween and spooky Roblox games!

The 10 Best Roblox Games to Ring in the Spooky Halloween Season

It’s fall! And for many people, that means it’s the start of the spooky Halloween season. 👻

If there’s any holiday to rival a kid’s love of Christmas, it’s Halloween. Kids love the candy, of course. But many also love the scary. Ghosts, zombies, vampires, monsters — bring them all on!

If your kiddo is ready for tricks and treats, we’re here with some of the best Roblox games to welcome the Halloween season. 

Our list is divided into two sections — one for younger kiddos (around ages 7 to 12, though older kids can certainly enjoy them too), and one for older kids (ages 12 and up). These lists take into account each game’s Roblox rating, the game’s content (including jumpscares and overall spooky level), and the complexity of the gameplay to determine age-appropriateness. 

Of course, not every game is a good fit for every family. So give our lists a look, weigh the spooky pros with the cons, and suggest some to your kiddo — if you dare. 🎃


Best Spooky Roblox Games for your Halloween-Loving Elementary Kid and Tween (and older kids too!)

We’ve reviewed horror games before (check out this list for four more kid-friendly horror games), but this time we’re going deeper down the spooky Roblox horror rabbit hole. If your kid loves Goosebumps and other spooky stories, this is the list for them!

A Wolf or Other

The werewolf is a classic monster. And A Wolf or Other takes the trope and turns it into a blast of a game.


In AWOO (don’t you love the acronym!), every player is randomized into a game character — meaning you don’t play as your avatar. Why is this important? Because the werewolf player can morph into wolf form, and then back into their character without being identified. 


Every round there’s a player chosen to be the wolf and another player chosen to be the hunter. Everyone else is a civilian. Your job as the wolf — find and kill everyone. Your job as the hunter — use your crossbow and kill the wolf. And if you’re a civilian, you just try to survive. 


It’s a clever game perfect for Halloween. And even though the age rating is set as N/A (which classifies it as 13+), it’s great for younger kids.

Image from Roblox game A Wolf or Other
Scene from Roblox game A Wolf or Other


The Roblox game Keys is a ton of (slightly) spooky fun. In this game, you and the other players work together to find keys and unlock doors. All while being chased by a monster.


It can feel a bit chaotic at first, but once you play a couple of rounds, the adrenaline kicks in. The keys are easy to find, but the real trick is finding and unlocking the exit door. This is harder than it sounds. There are a lot of doors. And while some hold treasure, others release more monsters.


Don’t worry though, these monsters are pretty kid-friendly — like big bunny rabbits and teddy bears. They’re only mildly scary. The real thrill comes from the chase.  

Image from Roblox game Keys
Find the key and unlock the door - or else!

Survive the Killer

If your kid is already familiar with the great villains of horror — like Pennywise, Freddy, and Jason — they’ll love this game. And even though the inspirations for Survive the Killer are not very kid-friendly, the animations are relatively tame and free of blood and gore. 


But before your child plays, here’s what you should know. Each round does involve a player as the “killer”. And their goal is to run around and stab the other players. And we totally understand if this is not your cup of tea. 


But as far as “violent” Roblox games go, this one is pretty subdued. There are no crazy death scenes (though there is a noise when someone gets stabbed). And after getting stabbed, you aren’t even out of the game. Instead, you’re crawling on the floor until a teammate (anyone but the killer) revives you. 


That element of teamwork, combined with the strategies needed to survive (or win as the killer) keeps this a 3-Flame Kinjo-recommended game.

Image from Roblox game Survive the Killer
Survive the Killer

Among Us Hide and Seek

This fun, slightly scary game is a different take on the classic Among Us. In Among Us Hide and Seek, you’re not trying to figure out who the imposter is. That role is assigned at the beginning (and up to 3 players can be imposters) and everyone sees who they are. 


Instead, as a crewmate, you try to hide and survive until the time runs out. And, if you’re feeling brave, you can work on completing tasks to reduce the amount of time on the clock. 


As the imposter, your job is to kill the crewmates. But in this version, there are no knives, guns, or death animations. The imposters just have creepy-looking, spiky tongues to use. And some intense music to ramp up the scary.


Among Us Hide and Seek is a great game for kids who enjoy Among Us, but want to slightly up the spooky factor.

Image from Roblox game Among Us Hide and Seek.
Among us - Hide and Seek with a Twist

All of Us Are Dead

You can’t really talk about spooky Halloween games without including zombies. And Roblox’s All of Us Are Dead is one of the best on the platform. 


The game is based on the Korean Netflix show of the same name. But while the show is rated for mature audiences, the game is a great time, full of scary action, for kids 9 and up. 


The premise — a high school is overrun with zombies. And you and your friends must fight them off. With that being said, there are lots of guns being used in this game. So if that’s something you’re limiting exposure to, this is not the best game for you.


But even with all the gunfire (all directed at zombies), the death animations are mild. And unlike the show, it’s very light on the blood and gore. 


Overall, if your child is interested in a zombie game, this is a great choice!

Image from Roblox game All of Us are Dead
Zombie action in All of Us are Dead

Insane Elevator

We’re not gonna lie — there’s not a lot of learning going on here. But Insane Elevator is a fun social experience — perfect for enjoying some spooky moments with friends. 


In this game, you enter an elevator with a large group of other players. And at each stop, you’re presented with a new scary scene. 


You may get taken to a Five Nights at Freddy’s inspired room. Then at your next stop, you’re encountering Pennywise (complete with creepy circus music). There are lots of dark places to explore, leading to plenty of screams and laughter.

Image from Roblox game Insane Elevator
Going up? Insane Elevator will take you there

Best Scary Roblox Games for Older Tweens and Teens

Your kid isn’t so little anymore. And the scary games and books of before just aren’t cutting it now. If they’re almost ready to switch from R.L. Stine to Stephen King, these games will give them the thrills they’re looking for.


Apeirophobia means fear of infinity. And this Roblox game plays on that theme to create some truly terrifying gameplay. And while Apeirophobia is rated for 9+, it honestly feels a bit too spooky to put on the other list.


Apeirophobia brings great sound design, interesting game maps, disturbing monsters, and challenging puzzles all together to create a fear-inducing experience that gamers love. 


The gameplay is fairly intuitive, but it can be a little frustrating getting started. If you or your child feels stuck on the first level, try checking out a game guide to help move things along. The game gets even better the further you get. 

Image from the Roblox game Apeirophobia
Afraid of infinity? Apeirophobia may be for you!

Dead Silence

Dead Silence claims to be the #1 scariest game on Roblox. And it definitely brings the spookiness with some fun sound design and scary imagery. 


Dead Silence is age-rated N/A, meaning the developer never turned in the age guidelines for the game. N/A games on Roblox are treated as 13+, and we find this to be very appropriate here. This game is scary. 😱


You’re always in the dark with just a small flashlight beam lighting your way. And there are lots of spooky sounds — creaky doors, screams, and XXXX. And as a parent, you should know that this is a gory game. Pretty early on you run across the remains of a bloody ritual, with plenty more disturbing imagery to follow.


While it’s a fun game for some quick scares, Dead Silence doesn’t have much of a storyline. And the gameplay is kept very simple, meaning there’s not a lot of learning to be had.

Image from Roblox game Dead Silence
Dead Silence is Scary!


Roblox’s Specter is based on the popular ghost-hunting game Phasmophobia, making it a perfect choice for some Halloween gaming fun. This game is also Rated 13+. And while it is full of spooky sounds and dark rooms, the scares are more mild than others on this list.


While the imagery isn’t too scary for younger players, the gameplay itself is pretty complicated. There’s a lot of different equipment (EMF recorders, night vision goggles, flashlights, radios, and more) to use as you explore haunted maps to try and determine the type of ghost inside. 


Specter is a great game to play with friends. You’ll be far more successful in your ghost-hunting missions if you can divide and conquer.

Image from Roblox game Specter
Ghost hunt in the Roblox game Specter

The Intruder

If you’ve ever worried about a home invasion, you may want to steer clear of The Intruder


In this very scary game, you’re home, alone, and you’ve just been notified there’s a criminal on the loose. Luckily you have cameras set up. And a closet to hide in. But the more you hide, the higher your anxiety (in both real life and the game stat) gets. 


It’s a nerve-wracking game. And a difficult one to beat. And even though Roblox has this rated for ages 9 and up, we’re gonna say it’s best for older kids who love a spooky thrill. No, there’s no blood or gore. But the intensity of the situation feels very real. And sensitive kids (or adults) of any age should probably avoid this well-designed horror game.

Image from Roblox game The Intruder
Home alone? Avoid the Intruder!

Looking for Better Roblox Games?

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And the best part — Kinjo-recommended games are both fun and full of learning! 


Yep, when your child plays Roblox via the Kinjo app, they’re being exposed to the best games on the platform. Games that have been reviewed by Kinjo’s learning experts and parents. 


And the better games your child plays, the more they learn. And the more they learn, the more Robux they can earn. It’s a win-win for families.


Download the Kinjo app on your child’s device today and get ready for better (scary) learning!

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