The Parent (and Gamer) Guide to the Roblox Game Blox Fruits

Dig into the juicy details of Blox Fruits here! With over 20.9 BILLION visits and a 94% positive rating it’s one of the most popular games on Roblox. It's a HUGE game so this guide can't cover everything but it will give you plenty of information to get started. Let's go!
The main image for the Roblox game Blox Fruits, featuring a glowing orange player battling a purple monster.

Roblox has millions and millions of games. But even with all of these choices, some games stand out from the pack. And Blox Fruits is one of those. 

Blox Fruits was first released in January 2019 by developer Gamer Robot Inc. Since then it has amassed over 20.9 BILLION visits and has a 94% positive rating! And it’s still one of the most popular games on the platform.

While we’d love to cover every detail of this game here, there’s simply not enough time. It’s a HUGE game. And it’s updated regularly with new locations and items. But this guide will give you plenty of information to get started. 

Or, if you’re a non-gaming parent, you’ll walk away with the info you need to understand exactly what your Blox Fruits-loving child is saying about their favorite game.

Let’s dig into the juicy details of Blox Fruits!

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What kind of game is Blox Fruits?

Remember when we said this game is huge? That’s because Blox Fruits is a classic MMORPG game. 
What does that mean exactly?

MMORPG stands for Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game. And these games build large, detailed worlds for players to explore. 

You’ve likely heard of the popular MMORPG game World of Warcraft. Players can spend hundreds and hundreds of hours in these complex gaming worlds, exploring, fighting bosses, and leveling up. And for young players interested in the MMORPG gaming genre, Blox Fruits is a great starter game.


Is Blox Fruits an appropriate game for kids?

Blox Fruits is rated by Roblox for kids 9 and up. 

The game does contain mild violence, as almost all quests involve fighting and killing enemies. And in order to level up, you have to fight a lot of NPCs (or non-player characters) and bosses. 

But the fighting and deaths are all kept fairly kid-friendly with no blood or death scenes. Instead, the fighting is animated with flashes of light and sparkly clouds to indicate your character is leveling up.

Here at Kinjo, we also believe Blox Fruits best suits players ages 9 and up due to the game’s complexity. The gameplay mechanics are pretty simple, but the strategy and planning involved may be more difficult for younger players to grasp. 

A lot of the gameplay in Blox Fruits involves “grinding” or “farming” for experience points (or XP). In other words, players repeat tasks over and over until they’re ready to move on to the next area. And younger players (as well as many adults) are likely to find this style of gameplay boring before progressing very far.

But for older elementary kids and up, this game is a fun introduction to classic RPGs.

Blox Fruits is a classic RPG

What can your child learn playing Blox Fruits?

As you may have gathered by this very long article (that’s still only just scratching the surface of this game), Blox Fruits is complicated. There are lots of locations and items to keep track of, as well as multiple quests. Some quests are straightforward, while others play out like a puzzle to solve. 

And all of it is helping your child learn. 

Here are two distinct ways Blox Fruits brings learning and cognitive challenges to your child’s day.

Sharpens Critical Thinking Skills

As your child plays, they’re encountering more and more items and places. And they have to learn about each one and then choose the best way to continue leveling up.

  • Is this new sword better than the one I already have? 
  • Which fruit will help most in the next location? 
  • Where can I collect the resources I need to level up my abilities?
  • Should I level up my weapon or my fight style?
This is complex decision-making driven by critical thinking. It requires gathering information and then analyzing the pros and cons to reach the best conclusion. And these skills easily transfer out of video games and into the real world.
Social Skill Building Opportunities

Like many other Roblox games, Blox Fruits is most often played on a public server with other players. However, a lot of games don’t involve the same amount of cooperation found in Blox Fruits. 

As a Pirate, you can choose to ally with other players, creating a pirate crew. And all Marines are allied automatically. And this comes in handy, especially as you unlock Raid Bosses and higher-level areas. 

Blox Fruits also encourages the sharing of items — especially the fruits. It’s one of the primary ways to get one. In fact, in the time it took to research this game, I was offered a Spin Fruit by a fellow player. And they helped me learn how to use it. It was a nice gesture that added a sense of camaraderie to my game time. 

There are loads of other skills practiced in video games, and many of them can be found in Blox Fruits. Want to explore more ways your child is learning inside their favorite video games? Check out this article for way more details!

Image of player stats in the Roblox game Blox Fruits.
Gamer stats in Blox Fruits.

All the details you need to know to play Blox Fruits!

Blox Fruits’ mechanics are fairly easy to master, but leveling up takes time. But no worries — everyone has to start somewhere. 

Ready to give it a try? Let’s go!

Getting started

The first step for every new player is to choose your side — Pirates or Marines. 

Don’t stress over this choice too much. There’s not a lot of difference between the two. And you can swap sides (and apparently keep all of your XP, fruits, and items) every time you join the game. 

A couple of things to keep in mind when choosing your side:

  • Marines are auto-allied, meaning every Marine is on your side. Pirates can choose who to ally with and create crews.
  • Ships are cheaper when you’re a Marine.
  • Pirates earn bounties, Marines earn honor when killing bosses or other players.

FYI — Most players choose Pirate. So, if you’re following along with a player’s guide, this is likely how you’ll want to start too.

Image of choosing a side - pirate or marine in Roblox game Blox Fruits
Choosing a side in Blox Fruits

The first island

Once you choose your side, you’re placed on either the Marine or Pirate Starter Island. This is your chance to explore the controls and mechanics of the game. Run around, dash, and find your first quest to start earning XP.

You’ll start at Level 1, with very little money and no experience. But as you complete quests (your first is to beat up some bandits) you’ll earn both, along with Stat points. 

Fight, level up, and distribute your Stat points between these categories: 

  • Melee
  • Defense
  • Sword
  • Gun
  • Blox Fruit 

Because you’re just getting started, most players recommend leveling up Melee first. Your health will come back pretty quickly, so start socking those points away in Melee as you work through your first 20 or more levels.

How do you level up in Blox Fruits?

Leveling up is often your primary objective in the game. And you do this by completing quests. 

As mentioned above, you’ll start by fighting bandits. But after doing just a few rounds of bandit fighting, you’ll unlock a new island. And that means new quests — and soon, your first boss.


The more you progress, the more locations and quests you’ll unlock. You also need to be at certain levels to activate your fruits (more on that later) or join in player vs player gameplay. 


You can spend hours and hours leveling up. At this moment, the top level available is 2,450. But it will continue to go up as the game is updated. No worries though — it’s a fun game even at the lower levels.


But before you start grinding away, let’s explore the many islands of Blox Fruits.

Image of leveling up in the Roblox game Blox Fruits
Leveling up in Blox Fruits

All locations found in Blox Fruits

Everyone starts on the starter island. But as you level up, you unlock new locations, each with its own quests, bosses, and NPCs. If you’re ever unsure where to go, click your compass icon for your next location and follow the arrow to find it.

(Quick note: You’ll see players referring to the First Sea, Second Sea, and Third Sea. These are updates that each came with new islands to explore. You’ll start in the First Sea. And that is all we’ll be covering here today.)


Here’s a quick rundown of the First Sea islands in Blox Fruits.


  1. The First Sea Islands
    Starter Island (either Pirate or Marine)
    Level needed to access: 1
    Quests: Defeat the bandits

    Non-enemy NPCs found here: Blox Fruit Dealer, Sword Dealer, Boat Dealer, Quest Giver, Marine or Pirate Recruiter, Home Point Setter

  2. Jungle Island
    Level needed to access: 10
    Quests: Defeat the monkeys and the gorillas, fight the Gorilla King, defeat the Saber Expert (requires level 200)

    Non-enemy NPCs found here: Blox Fruit Gacha, Boat Dealer, Quest Giver

  3. Pirate Village
    Level needed to access: 30
    Quests: Defeat the pirates, defeat the brutes, fight Bobby (the boss)

    Non-enemy NPCs found here: Boat Dealer, Quest Giver, Pirate Recruiter, Home Point Setter, Sword Dealer, Blacksmith, Dark Step Teacher (your first chance to learn a fighting style), and Rich Man (gives you a story objective that is required to fight the Saber Expert)

    Bonus: Explore this island to find 3 gold chests and 1 diamond chest. 

  4. Desert Island
    Level needed to access: 60
    Quests: Defeat the desert bandits and desert officers

    Non-enemy NPCs found here: Boat Dealer, Home Point Setter, and Hasan (with a special item — the Swordsman’s Hat — available to purchase)

    Bonus: Looking for Hasan? Find the silver chest near the pyramid and then look for a secret path.

  5. Frozen Village
    Level needed to access: 90
    Quests: Defeat the snow bandits and snowmen, fight the Ice Admiral, fight the Yeti

    Non-enemy NPCs found here: Ability teacher (to learn Flash Step, Aura, and Air Jump), Sword Dealer, and Sick Man

    Bonus: Be sure to explore The Cave on this island. Here you’ll find the Ability Teacher, the Ice Admiral Boss, and part of the Saber Expert puzzle quest.

  6. Middle Town
    Level needed to access: 100
    Quests: Defeat The Saw — your first Raid Boss

    Non-enemy NPCs found here: Blox Fruit Dealer, Weapon Dealer, Boat Dealer, Home Point Setter, and some seasonal NPCs

    Bonus: You can also find Robotmega here for the start of another story quest to obtain Dark Blade V2, a powerful mythical weapon.

  7. Marine Fortress
    Level needed to access: 120
    Quests: Defeat chief petty officers, fight the vice admiral, and defeat raid boss Greybeard

    Non-enemy NPCs found here: Parlus (seller of the Black Cape which gives you increased health, energy, and damage) and Advanced Weapons Dealer

    Bonus: If you’re working on the Son Quest, be sure to explore the maze under the castle.

  8. Skylands
    Level needed to access: 150
    Quests: Defeat the sky bandits and the Dark Masters

    Non-enemy NPCs found here: Master Sword Dealer, Home Point Setter, Quest Giver, Yoshi (seller of the Tomoe Ring), and the Mad Scientist (teaches the Electric Fighting style)

    Bonus: Like many other islands, you will need to return here after you’ve reached higher levels to complete parts of different quests introduced later on. 

  9. Prison
    Level needed to access: 190
    Quests: Defeat prisoners, dangerous prisoners, wardens, and chief wardens, and fight Swan

    Non-enemy NPCs found here: Remove Blox Fruit guy and the Military Detective

    Bonus: The Military Detective is the key to getting to the Second Sea. But he’ll only talk to you after you reach Level 700. So keep grinding!

  10. Colosseum
    Level needed to access: 250
    Quests: Defeat the toga warriors and gladiators

    Non-enemy NPCs found here: Quest Giver, Boat Dealer, and Home Point Setter

  11. Magma Village
    Level needed to access: 300
    Quests: Defeat military soldiers and spies, and battle the Magma Admiral

    Non-enemy NPCs found here: Home Point Setter, an Ability Teacher, the Mayor, and Living Skeleton (seller of the Soul Cane sword).

    Bonus: Looking for Magma Ore so you can level up an ability or item? This is one of your best places to “farm” it.

  12. Underwater City
    Level needed to access: 375
    Quests: Defeat the fishman warriors, fishman commandos, and battle the Fishman Lord

    Non-enemy NPCs found here: Water Kung Fu Teacher

    Bonus: Finding this island can be tricky. Look for the whirlpool surrounded by rocks between the Frozen Village and the Prison islands.

  13. Upper Skylands
    Level needed to access: 450
    Quests: Defeat royal soldiers, royal squads, and shandas, and battle Wysper and the Thunder God

    Non-enemy NPCs found here: Home Point Setter

  14. The Fountain City
    Level needed to access: 625
    Quests: Defeat galley pirates, galley captains, and battle the Cyborg

    Non-enemy NPCs found here: Boat Dealer, Home Point Setter, and Freezeburg (the quest giver)

    Bonus: If you’ve made it this far, you’re on the final island of the First Sea. Congratulations!!!


Of course, this is not all of the locations in Blox Fruits. There’s still the Second and Third Sea to explore. But if you’ve made it this far, you’re on your way to becoming a Blox Fruits master!

Looking for more location details? Be sure to check out the
Blox Fruits Wiki.

Image of a pirate village in the Roblox game Blox Fruits.
Pirate village in Blox Fruits.

What about the actual Blox Fruits?

Blox Fruits are one of the major ways to deal damage in the game (along with fighting styles, swords, and guns). You can level up all of these abilities in your Stats. 

Every Blox Fruit has a different ability or power. For example, the Spin Fruit gives you different spinning abilities and deals extra damage. Or the Phoenix Fruit allows you to shoot fiery arrows at its lowest level (not always helpful) — but once fully leveled up, it gives you the ability to fly.


There are currently 35 fruits in the game across 3 different classes: natural, elemental, and beast types. You can buy these fruits from Blox Fruit Dealers or Gachas (though many will show sold out, with new ones available every few hours). 


You can also buy Blox Fruits with Robux, be gifted them by other players, or find some that have been dropped or spawned on islands.


Because there are so many Blox Fruits (all with different abilities at different mastery levels), we won’t be detailing them here. But you can explore this page for all the Blox Fruits details.

Image of buying fruits in the Roblox game Blox Fruits.
Buying fruits in Blox Fruits.

Find more learning in Roblox with Kinjo!

Parents — we hope you have a better understanding of one of your child’s favorite games. This is a complex one to be sure. But now, with these basics, you can do more than nod the next time they run in with exciting Blox Fruits news! Yay!


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