9 Surprising Benefits of Kids Playing Video Games

If your child could spend all day playing video games, would they? This week let’s explore 9 surprising, real-life benefits your child can gain from playing video games.
2 young boys with surprised faces standing behind a jack o lantern. Are you surprised to discover these benefits of video games?

9 Surprising Benefits of Kids Playing Video Games

If your child could spend all day playing video games, would they?


Most parents would say yes. And if you asked your kid, they’d probably say yes too. That’s their dream, right?  But why do video games have such a firm grip on our kids? Because they’re far from being just a waste of time.


Video games are full of challenges and competition. They’re a connection point to friends and family. And they carry tons of life and learning benefits for your child (and you too)!


Let’s explore 9 surprising, real-life benefits your child can gain from playing video games.

1. Video Games Help Teach and Reinforce Academic Skills

Learning with video games is nothing new. Remember all the fun of
The Oregon Trail or Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego


Video games have been helping “gamify” learning for decades. And for a great reason — games increase engagement and knowledge retention. And they can bring a bit of fun to otherwise dull subjects.


But even games that aren’t explicitly designed for education can impart a lot of learning. Some of today’s most popular Roblox games have learning built right into the code. Whether it’s a horror, action, or role-playing game, your child can practice 


and even science and engineering in their favorite games. All while having a truly great time.

Image from Oregon Trail video game of a ox pulled wagon and the mssage. You have died of dysentery.
Remember Oregon Trail?

2. Video Games Give Kids a Way to Connect with Friends

Today’s families stay busy. And it can be difficult to fit in playdates with friends around school and other activities. 


But if your kid and their buddies have tablets or gaming consoles, they can still “meet up” and play together. Your child can even make new friends online, finding plenty of other kids who share their interest in gaming. 


Roblox is as much a social platform as a gaming platform. And it’s a great place to build connections. Internet safety comes into play of course, and you can set parental controls to match your comfort level. 

Gaming is no longer an isolating event (if it ever was to begin with). Today’s gamers are socially savvy players who love working together to achieve their common goals (even if there’s a little bit of trash-talking along the way).

Two kids sitting on pillows on the floor playing video games together.
Gaming and Social Connection Often Go Together

3. Video Games Help Kids Practice Important Life Skills

Today’s employers are looking for more than a college degree. They need people ready to tackle the problems of a tech-driven, ever-changing world.


Good news — video games are a great way to bridge the 21st-century skills gap!


Which skills are we talking about here? 



The right video games can help your child practice every single one of these skills. The trick, especially on a platform like Roblox, is finding the best-quality games for this skills practice.


[Do you need help finding the best games on Roblox? Try Kinjo!]

A young black girl with natural hair laying on the floor having screen time. She appears very engaged in her tablet.
Kids Can Build Skills While Gaming

4. Video Games Can Boost a Child’s Confidence

Self-confidence is a huge asset in life. Believing you have the ability to tackle any problem puts you on the path to success. And video games are a great way to build up that confidence.


The best video games are challenging. You start with little knowledge, and you learn as you play. You practice the mechanics and complete quests until you’re ready to take on the big boss. 


This takes a lot of perseverance while also building the belief that with enough work, you can achieve your goals. And this belief is the superpower your child needs to succeed in so many areas of life.


Bonus — as your child masters certain aspects of gaming, they gain the opportunity (and confidence) to teach others. Obtaining mastery gives them a chance to step into a  leadership role and be seen as an expert. And this is not only a big confidence booster, but another important life skill they can carry into their future.

A father and son sit on the couch playing on a tablet.
Teaching Others (Especially Mom or Dad) Builds Confidence

5. Video Games Can Spark New Interests

Video games cover a wide array of topics. From history and mythology in games like Assassin’s Creed and God of War to bowling on the Wii, video games have been helping kids (and adults) discover new interests for years.


Is Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” one of their favorite songs? Are all the drawings on your fridge (or their latest Lego builds) based on Rainbow Friends characters? Do they know the latest pop culture references even though they’ve never seen Wednesday or Stranger Things? You can thank Roblox for all of that. 

And while those interests may not be exactly the kind of learning you’re looking for, these passions can spark all kinds of other discoveries and interesting conversations. They’re learning and absorbing all the time. And that is a wonderful thing.

6. Video Games Help Kids Learn and Practice Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship

As the world moves more and more online, digital citizenship becomes even more important. 


Keeping our kids safe online is always a top priority. And there are lots of ways to monitor their activity. As a parent, you should definitely use these resources


But it’s still highly likely your child will have a negative online encounter of some variety. And they need to know how to address it. 


Social gaming platforms, like Roblox, provide a way to start these important conversations. Everyone needs to practice being kind online. And knowing your options when you (inevitably) encounter a cyberbully is important.

If you’d like to find some ways to start these important talks, check out our article about digital citizenship here.

7. Video Games Forge Fun Family Connections

If you’re looking for a fun family activity, break out some video games.


Toss a few blue shells in your kiddo’s direction during a (mostly) friendly game of Mario Kart. Or jump into one of their favorite Roblox games with them and discover all their favorite tips and tricks. 


There are even some amazing Roblox games that require advanced communication and collaboration skills — like Teamwork Puzzles 2 or Doors


Check them out and give your family game night a brand new spin.

A family is playing video games, laughing and smiling while sitting together on their couch. This is one way to enjoy Gameschooling.
Game Night Isn't Just for Board Games

8. Video Games Can Encourage Imaginative Play and Creativity

Open-ended, creative play is a hallmark of play-based educational philosophies like Montessori and Waldorf. But it doesn’t have to just look like wooden blocks and dress-up clothes.


Video games are a great way to incorporate creative play!


RPGs, or role-playing games, have been popular for decades. And Roblox features a wide variety of role-playing options to stretch your child’s imagination. From forming a flock of birds in Feather Family to pirate pretend play in Blox Fruits, the options for play feel endless.


And if your child loves building blocks or drawing, Minecraft is an amazing way to expand this interest. They can test new builds on their devices, and then create them with real-life Lego blocks. Or your child can draw a structure on paper, and then recreate it in their virtual, three-dimensional world.


It’s exciting and fascinating to watch your child swap between mediums as they experiment and learn new, creative ways to play.

9. Video Games Can Reduce Your Child’s Stress

If you have an elementary-aged kiddo, this may seem far from the truth. Kids this age are still learning the ins and outs of gaming, winning, and losing — including how to enjoy healthy competition. 


If we had to guess, you’re more likely to see your younger child rage quit and scream than find their zen after gaming. 


However, recent research shows that video games (specifically violent ones) can help reduce a player’s stress after an agitating activity. 


If you have older gaming kiddos, they’re likely to gravitate to games after a full day of school. Or when they’re feeling particularly stressed about an upcoming test or social situation.


Even though they may look tense and focused as they play, they’re actually actively working towards a calmer state and a clearer head.

How to Choose the Best Video Games for the Most Benefits

The benefits of playing video games are plenty. But, what your child chooses to play matters. And when they’re presented with literally millions of games on Roblox, it becomes even harder to find great quality games that will help them learn and grow. 


Enter Kinjo!


Kinjo is an IOS app that helps your child choose the best games for learning and skill building. They’re directed toward the most challenging Roblox games — ones that help build real-life skills. And they earn rewards (like Robux!) for making better gaming choices. 


Even better, with Kinjo Plus, you can keep up to date on your child’s favorite games, how long they’re playing, and what skills they’re practicing! 


Your child will experience the fun, and you’ll clearly see the benefits!


Want to learn more?


Explore Kinjo Plus Today!

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